Badass (noun): A woman who invests into her physical and mental growth to become a strong, confident force who achieves big goals.

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we lift. we eat.

no fads. no bs.


the mission:

Operation: Badass is different. We're on a mission to break away from all of the gimmicks and bs that the industry throws at women - and change the mindset around females and fitness.


More often than not, women are pushed into stereotypical workout styles ("body toning", plyos, etc) and it's time to break through the norm. Women's bodies were made for lifting weights and going hard. And that's what we're going to teach you.

Instead of "dieting" - we fuel.

We don't "do a workout" - we train.

We care less about the number on the scale, and more about the numbers on the weights we lift.

Operation: Badass is about replacing food anxiety, obsessing over the number on the scale, diet rules, and fad workouts with fueling ourselves, becoming strong, building confidence, and lifting iron.

No fads and extremes. Operation: Badass is a science-based, results-oriented lifestyle - created to provide results no matter your background or experience.

 flexible approach 

strict dedication.

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Your training plan (includes both lifting and cardio protocols) will be tailored specifically to you, your level and your needs, and continuously adjusted to ensure you are progressing. You have your coach in your pocket (almost literally) with our OP:BA app, and are able to view exercise descriptions, videos, track your lifts, view your progress, communicate, and request form feedback.



Your coach will teach you all about Flexible Dieting and hitting your macros, day-by-day, step-by-step. Macro goals are developed based on your needs and your current metabolic state - we don't use a generic macro calculator. Your macronutrient needs are adjusted as you move forward to ensure you're fueling yourself, feeling great, and achieving those goals.



1:1 Coaching is for women, at any level, who are serious about committing to their goals and are looking for the ultimate Badass experience. You will work closely with your own Op:Ba Coach to achieve your health and fitness goals, while receiving constant guidance and support. Stay the course through accountability and feedback with bi-weekly progress check-ins (where we care about way more than just your weight).

Plans and pricing options vary per coach.

Spots are limited and subject to availability.

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The Operation: Badass System is an exclusive monthly training program created to explode your confidence in yourself, your lifts, and your physique. You pick your initial starting level based on your experience, and will then be guided through new training phases every 6 or 8 weeks. You will also have access to your own Op:Ba Coach who will be available to answer your questions and help you every step of the way.



Each training phase has been created to build upon what you accomplished during the last - ensuring you are always progressing and never getting stuck in a rut in the gym. You have flexibility in moving workouts to different days, or swapping out exercises if needed. You receive full access to the OP:BA app, where you can view exercise descriptions and videos, log your lifts, cheer each other on, and track your progress.



You will learn all about nutrients and mindset shifts to create a healthy and flexible relationship with food - to get you to your goals and a healthier you! Each month will bring new habits to implement into your routine, to help you easily mesh your nutrition with your life! The OP:BA System focuses on building life-long habits and understanding portions and balance.

Standalone, self-guided 6-week plans are here to jumpstart your journey. Each program comes with a downloadable digital guide you can keep and use forever, along with a bonus 6-week period of access to the OP:BA app to take you through your new plan day-by-day. * Guides do not include coaching or macro guidance *




Never feel intimidated or unsure again! Every single exercise features complete demo videos & proper form explanations to give you the knowledge and guidance you need to feel confident in the gym.

Your personal account syncs seamlessly with all of your favorite fitness and health trackers! Easily upload your progress pics, view your stats, nutrient intake, and activity all in one spot.





As you are guided through every training session, you have the ability to quickly log your reps and weight - making it easy to see your progress over time! Get praised when you hit new PR's and feel confident knowing you are moving forward.


Staying dedicated is easy when you have a plan. Take a look at your personal dashboard each day, check off the to-do list, and you're one day closer to crushing those goals and feeling strong and healthy!

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Not only will you have support from your coach, but you'll be part of our amazing Operation Badass community and have access to our private Facebook group full or support, learning, laughs, contests, giveaways and more!

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