owner & head coach

based in: New York

fav lift: deadlifts

fav food: peanut butter

myfitnesspal coach

fav lift: arm days!

fav food: rebel mint ice cream

shayla rog

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Throughout my life I've been overweight, "skinny fat", lacking muscle, and shredded. Because I've experienced so many phases, the one thing I learned to be true is that an internal transformation from "I hate myself and need to change who I am" to "I love myself so I want to be the best I can!" will be the #1 contribution to your external transformation.


Learning how to lift and enjoy a flexible diet changed everything. It gave me the tools I needed to change my mindset and it has allowed me to grow in all areas of my life.

I founded Operation: Badass in 2020 with a mission to help other women realize the freedom they can gain with fueling their bodies, and the confidence they can gain from lifting heavy af.


I can't wait to get to be in your corner.

sarah bedzyk

Sarah has years of experience with macros and extensive knowledge of using MyFitnessPal to hit those goals. She provides guidance and tips for all things tracking, hitting macros, and planning to succeed with a flexible dieting approach!

op:ba is growing