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  • Must have at least one (1) personal training certification.

  • Must be able to regress and progress exercises as per individual needs.

  • Must understand training protocols and systems.

  • Must be able to explain the mechanics of weight training exercises and provide form cues or adjustments when needed.

  • Must be confident in teaching Flexible Dieting and adjusting macronutrient goals.

  • Must be experienced with My Fitness Pal.

  • Must be able to assess client biodata and adjust training or macro goals accordingly.

  • Must be comfortable with creating content such as social media posts, blog posts, photos, videos, live videos, etc.

  • Must not engage in scammy or unsavory interaction online, including, but not limited to: recruiting via DMs, mass-tagging unrelated users in posts, following and unfollowing users, using like/follow/comment bots, buying followers, participating in engagement pods.

  • Must be able to provide timely client contact on a daily basis via computer and/or cell phone.

  • Must be willing to form personal connections with clients and learn the best way to support and motivate each person on an individual basis - including difficult conversations when needed.

  • Must be excited and ready to invest time into building a career around women's fitness.

  • Must be willing to stop actively training clients with any other business or as yourself online, and commit to becoming an integral part of Operation: Badass.

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