6 week intro to lifting


home (dumbbells or bands)

ready to begin?

start your journey

Whether you are new to the gym or feel more comfortable at home, I've created a no-bs beginner's program that will teach you the basics of weight training from step 1! The 6-week GROW: Intro to Lifting program won't have you rearranging your house and jumping around - you'll be learning very specific training techniques four days per week, introducing you to a variety of movements, so you'll feel confident in no time.

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equipment needed

dumbbell (3).png

1 set of light/medium weight dumbbells (you want to be able to lift them with one arm - but not too light!)

A glute band is also recommended, but not necessary.


You only need one or the other, I have recorded variations of each exercise using both. Most equipment can be found at sport stores, large retailers, or on Amazon.



1 set of long resistance bands - light resistance (two of the lightest resistance 1/4" long bands are recommended)

why it's different

it's not just an ebook

Most standalone guides leave you relying on your ability to understand the exercises and stay motivated to finish the program. I've created GROW @Home to be interactive - as if I was right there coaching you!


  • Your 102 page downloadable digital guide includes everything you need to use this program as many times as you wish!

  • To help you hit the ground running, you will receive 6 weeks of guided step-by-step access to my personal training app (which keeps you motivated and accountable!).

  • Within the app you will find detailed exercise descriptions and videos - you can complete the workouts anytime, anywhere you have your equipment!

  • Your workouts will be approximately 45 min - 1 hr / 4 days per week

  • As a bonus, you also receive my LIVE follow along workouts - so you can train right alongside me and make sure you're getting the most out of your workouts!

  • You gain access to our community within the Operation: Badass Facebook group - where we support each other, learn, and celebrate our wins!


not just another program to sit in your inbox unread - you'll be guided through grow @ home step-by-step

it's time to get after your goals, gain confidence, and learn the fundamentals of lifting - all at home!

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$75/one time


  1. This is a self-guided program - it does not include coaching or nutrition/macro guidance. If you need more personalized training, please see 1-on-1 coaching plans here.

  2. Your 6 weeks of bonus guided app access begins the following Monday after purchase. This cannot be changed or extended. Please make sure you do not purchase until you are ready to begin.

  3. You will have access to the digital guide forever by downloading it and saving it/printing it.

  4. Please make sure you have your equipment before purchasing, so that you are ready to begin!


You will receive an email containing your App Invitation email with the link to download your personal app and account creation instructions. You will receive your digital guide in PDF format within the app, which you can then download to have access to forever. I highly suggest taking advantage of your bonus app access, which includes exercise how-to videos, and following it as a guided plan to keep you accountable!

Your app access will begin the MONDAY after purchase and last for 6 weeks


You will have access to your digital guide forever as long as you download and save it.


what's included



✔ 6 week training program

  • 2 Versions: Band and Dumbbell variations of every workout

  • 2 Phases: Training protocols change after 3 weeks

✔ 4 different and specific workouts per week hitting all muscle groups

✔ Additional ab workouts

✔ Designated sets, reps & rest

✔ Exercise explanations

​✔ Foam rolling + warmup/activation series

BONUS: Cardio recommendations to burn body fat without wasting hours


✔ Exercise videos + how-to's

✔ Guided online access

✔ Your own app account to track your progress and workouts!

is grow for me?


If you have been eager to get into a routine, learn how to weight lift, and truly transform your body in a way that other forms of exercising cannot do - Grow @Home is perfect for you.

Unlike many other home workout plans which leave you prone to injury and out of breath, this plan is created with the understanding that lifting is a journey to progress through - not get thrown into.

You won't feel intimidated or burnt out, because Grow is specifically designed for those just starting off.


grow is for you if:

  • You are new to weightlifting or it has been a while since you've lifted

  • You have access to dumbbells or a set of long resistance bands at home

  • You are willing to push yourself through each workout

  • You can commit to four time-conscious training sessions weekly

  • You're ready to begin transforming your body in a way that other forms of exercise cannot do

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