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Created to help you become your most confident self! These 6-week plans are self-guided and include a complete downloadable digital guide you can use forever, with a bonus period of access to the OPBA training app - where you'll find an online version of your guide, exercise how-to's, ability to track your progress, upload pics, and more.

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home or gym

Whether you are new to the gym or feel more comfortable at home, I've created a no-bs beginner's program that will teach you the basics of weight training from step 1! My 6-week GROW: Intro to Lifting program won't have you rearranging your house and jumping around - you'll be learning very specific training techniques four days per week, introducing you to a variety of movements, so you'll feel confident in no time.

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It's the thicc-life's badass sister. Staccked is my signature 6-week program designed for women looking to create a solid, feminine body that just won't quit. You'll be hitting every muscle group with each of the major lifts, plus a specialized structure of accessory work. With a strong emphasis on lower body development, you'll learn how to specifically target your glutes and legs with results-oriented training techniques to create curves and build strength.

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