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strict dedication. flexible approach.

Results can only happen when we remain committed and dedicated over a period of time - allowing our hard work to compound month after month, year after year. However, long-term dedication can only be achieved when we apply methods that are flexible with our ever changing lives. Extreme restriction or rigidness does not allow for a lifetime of becoming healthy and fit.

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progress, not perfection.

Striving for perfection is an unachievable goal that will leave us feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. We can combat feelings of frustration by simply aiming for progress every day - becoming better in some small way than we were the day before. This does not mean accepting a mindset of mediocrity, but instead allows us to push ourselves in a realistic manner as we strive for our goals.

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no comfort zone.

Nothing great ever came from comfort. We approach every challenge with tenacity and are ready to put in 110% effort. Doing things that are uncomfortable is the only way to grow mentally and physically, and we embrace living in the #nocomfortzone.

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brain gains.

We are equally as focused on the mental growth that comes with our fitness journey. Equipping women with the knowledge to continue living a healthy life far beyond their time with operation badass, so that they can thrive for the rest of their life and instill that knowledge into future generations. Breaking through myths, stereotypes and socially-perpetrated norms is what we're all about.

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