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it's time to

level up

The Operation: Badass System is an exclusive, structured monthly training program created to explode your confidence in yourself, your lifts, and your physique.

No matter what level you're starting at, your workouts will challenge you, teach you how to lift with knowledge, and progress you ever month! Your personal OP:BA Coach will be there to answer your questions, help you with exercise form, and keep you motivated and accountable!


your goals

You will be guided through new training blocks every 6 weeks and have the ability to see your upcoming schedule, bump workouts to new days, or use Home Alternative Training Sessions (Levels 01 & 02 only) if the need arises! 


Each training block has been created to build upon what you accomplished during the last - ensuring you are always progressing and never getting stuck in a rut in the gym.

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70+ page


You will receive the full OP:BA Guide covering everything you need to know to crush your goals. Inside you will find Terms to Know, How to Use the OP:BA App, information about Check-ins, Warmups, Workout Progression, Training Tips & more!


track your


As you are guided through every training session, you have the ability to quickly log your reps and weight - making it easy to see your progress over time! Get praised when you hit new PR's and feel confident knowing you are always moving forward.

You can also swap out exercises on the fly using the extensive Exercise Catalog - loaded with over 300+ exercises.



Never walk into the gym feeling lost or unprepared again! Your OP:BA program will give you the knowledge and guidance you need to build confidence with each workout. Every single exercise features complete demo videos & proper form explanations.

BONUS: Warmup and activation exercises to keep you injury-free and ensure you are getting the most from your workouts.


personal daily


Staying dedicated is easy when you have a plan. Take a look at your Personal Dashboard each day, check off the to-do list, and you're one day closer to crushing those goals and feeling strong and healthy!


(PS there are even pre-loaded reminders to track your progress! You're going to love looking back at your journey and seeing every step along the way)

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your goals & stats

all in one app


Your personal account syncs seamlessly with all of your favorite fitness and health trackers! Easily view your stats, activity and biometric data all in one spot, without needing to jump from app to app.


build new

nutrition habits

You will learn about nutrients and mindset shifts to create a healthy and flexible relationship with food - to get you to your goals and a healthier you!


Each month will bring new habits to implement into your routine, to help you easily mesh your nutrition with your life! The OP:BA System focuses on building life-long habits and understanding portions and balance.

* The OP:BA System does not include custom macros or personalized nutrition coaching. This method is included in 1:1 Coaching.

access to our

vip group!

Become a part of our community! Our private, female-only Facebook Group is full of motivation, learning, and support! Having like-minded women root you on can make all of the difference on those hard days.

PLUS: Take part in contests and giveaways every month!


choose your



lvl 01

New to weight training, limited equipment, or limited days to train weekly

  • 3 training days/week

  • Bodyweight, bands, dumbbells, machines

  • 12 month program

  • Six 6-week blocks + two 8-week blocks

  • Cardio programs

  • Home Alternatives with bands & dumbbells


lvl 02

1-2+ years steady training or previously trained regularly

  • 4 training days/week

  • Bands, dumbbells, machines, some barbell

  • 12 month program

  • Eight 6-week blocks + four deload weeks

  • Cardio programs

  • Home Alternatives with bands & dumbbells


lvl 03

Available after successful completion of LVL 02 or with special request

  • 5 training days/week

  • All gym equipment including barbells

  • 12 month program

  • Six 8-week blocks + two deload weeks + two test weeks

  • Cardio programs

  • No Home Alternatives


quick look @

what you get

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  • Full OP:BA App access

  • Complete OP:BA Guide

  • Personal Coach w/ in-app messaging

  • Monthly check-ins & feedback

  • Basics of nutrition learning modules

  • New nutrition habits each month

  • Ability to log your progress through pictures, weight, stats & more

  • Seamless syncing with MyFitnessPal & your favorite fitness watches 

  • In-app Support Group Chat

  • ​Personal dashboard & daily to-do list

  • New training blocks every 6-8 weeks

  • Home alternatives for every workout

  • Exercise weight & rep tracking

  • Exercise Catalog with over 300+ exercise videos & form cues

  • VIP Facebook Group w/ monthly contests & giveaways

  • Lifelong access to the OP:BA Client Learning Hub

get started


* available after completion of LVL 2 or with special request for admission


  1. Plans and payment begin the following Monday after purchase.

  2. Payments recur automatically every 4 weeks.

  3. You will see an automatic discount applied to your payment, which will apply every month, taking $25 off of the original price of $100.

  4. No refunds once plan has begun.

  5. Plan can be canceled anytime from within your account.

  6. No time period commitment or cancellation fees.

  7. Plan cannot be extended or paused.

  8. After signing up, you will receive a welcome email containing an App Invitation with the link to download your personal app and account creation instructions. This link expires after 24 hours, so please finish your account verification after signing up!


is op:ba for me?

yes! if:

  • You are looking for a semi-coached plan that gives you structured workouts, exercise guidance, and flexible scheduling.

  • You are comfortable with following an online training plan or are looking to see if online training is for you!

  • You are serious about your goals and looking to build confidence!

  • You are excited to learn the basics about food, habits and how to fuel your body.

  • You are not quite ready to commit to 1:1 coaching or are looking to maintain your progress and continue your health goals.

  • You are ready to create a healthy and fit lifestyle - while learning how to achieve balance.


OP:BA does not include personalized training plans, customized nutrition goals, or progress check-ins with coaching feedback. If you are looking for a custom training experience with in-depth coach/client communication and guidance - please see 1:1 Coaching. The nutrition guidance you will receive revolved around habit-based changes - and you will not be receiving custom macros or a meal plan.

Need some guidance?

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