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Updated: Mar 3, 2022


Forms: Liquid or Pill

What is L-Carnitine?: L-Carnitine is an Amino Acid that occurs naturally. It helps aid in transporting fatty acids into the cell to be used as energy. It is a non-stimulant.

When should I take L-Carnitine?: 1-2x daily. Should be taken after consuming a decent amount of carbs. Best results when taken in the morning. Start off with one dose before implementing more than that.

Can lose its efficacy over time with continued use, so it is best to cycle it on and off for optimal results.

Common benefits:

  • Increased energy (without jitters from typical stimulant supplements)

  • Better endurance

  • Can aid in fat loss

  • Improves cognitive functions

  • Appetite suppressant

  • Can help reduce blood sugar levels

Potential side effects:

Some people experience some gastrointestinal issues when their body is adjusting to it (stomach ache, gas, irregular bowel movements). No serious or long-term side effects have been reported. (

Shayla's take:

Straight up, before I used it, L-Carnitine was a supplement that I personally used to think was way over-hyped (you all know I'm all about less-is-more when it comes to supps).

However, once I began adding it into my daily regimen, I honestly was shocked at the impact it had. It has become a staple in my supp stack.

My personal experience is that mentally I feel much more clear and focused. I also noticed a huge reduction in my desire to snack (I'm a big snacker) and found my hunger-cues were more balanced. I have never had to take more than one dose a day, and since it is a non-stim, there is no "crash".

Keeping it 100:

As far as fat loss, I do not believe that any supplement (whether fat burners or anything else), provides enough results on their OWN to be considered a "key" to losing fat. Essentially, supplements can aid in helping us stick to our goals (giving us more energy for better workouts, or helping us control our hunger), but there is no magic potion that will shed away fat. At the end of the day, our consistency and our nutrition is what will achieve those results.

Aka you can take all the supps in the world, but if your training and nutrition is, it doesn't matter. Everything else needs to be on point FIRST, and then we can look at adding the cherry on top - supplements (if you are struggling to stay consistent with your nutrition, don't waste your money - get that under control first ).


My favorite form is the liquid version from 1UP Nutrition - Dragon Fruit Mojito, Rainbow Candy, and Peach Rings are bomb! Since it is a liquid, you can mix it with water, or simply take it as a "shot" - they taste amazing! (I also know some people who like to add it to unflavored soda or seltzer water!) - Code SHAYLA saves an extra 20%

L-Carnitine is also available in pill form from Jacked Factory: - Code SHAYLA saves 15%

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