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I'm a whole different person. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

I tried on wedding dresses, and loved every single one on me.

The calories I now consume for breakfast... used to be equivalent to 75% of my day's total food.

Knowing I had you "in my hand", guiding every step... I felt confident as hell.

Thank you for being there every time I struggle.

Decided to throw a pair of jeans on that haven't fit me in over a year... THEY FIT

Guess who's wearing a bathing suit today?

Had our engagement pics last night... I felt SO good.

It's been SO LONG since I felt this good in my skin.

Loving seeing my muscles and feeling stronger

Never imagined I'd like my body best at 32 years old.

My mind has changed from 'WTF' to 'Let's do it!'

Deadlifting the same as the college boys.

I no longer need thyroid meds!

My vacation success... I did not gain a single pound and still feel great!

I've tried just about every diet and online program...

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My husband said the other day I look the best I have ever looked.

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